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A Letter from Elisa Herring

Dear Friends,

My husband, Jeff Herring, had a zest for life unfathomable to most. His life was made up of what he referred to as, “Little Moments in Time” which is how he paraphrased life’s journey. His energy, enthusiasm and compassion were contagious to everyone he met. Maybe that is why he meant so much to so many. Jeff literally never met a stranger; he genuinely cared.

He was just 37 years old when cancer cut his life tragically short. If The Herring Foundation of Hope had been in existence when we researched our cancer treatment options, the outcome might have been brighter. Our only child, Caden, was 6 months old when we lost Jeff. My son will never know firsthand what an incredible man his father was.

Aspen trees were specifically chosen as our logo because of their sentimental value to Jeff and me. Jeff loved to snow ski and Aspen trees were always part of the trip, whether we were simply enjoying their beauty or skiing through them.

Jeff’s motto was always to leave any situation better than he found it. Our goal is to live up to that belief through The Herring Foundation of Hope. The guiding principles of this foundation are in line with what Jeff specifically would have wanted and are a legacy to him. The foundation strives to make a difference through providing current and accurate information on cancer prevention, knowledge of treatment options – and hope – to the afflicted.

Jeff was the sunshine of my life, and he will always live on in my heart, and through all we touch with this Foundation.


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